Cosmetology, Ultrasonic, mechanical or combined cleaning or peeling of the face in the beauty salon


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Striving for excellence is what all women have in common! Regardless of their age, they always want to look great, and all kinds of cosmetic procedures help them in this. A visit to a beautician will allow you to look at yourself in a new way. Your skin will once again become firm, elastic and taut, you will become more self-confident and feel that it is easy to be on top!

A visit to a beautician will help get rid of any skin imperfections. With the help of modern developments in the field of beauty, as well as through the use of professional equipment, experienced cosmetologists will diagnose the condition of the skin and provide the necessary recommendations for caring for it.

The skin of the face is defenseless, therefore it is most often exposed to negative influences from the environment. Proper daily care is essential to protect it. But it is far from always possible to pay sufficient attention to this.

After visiting the beautician, your skin will become radiant and velvety again. An experienced specialist will select treatments suitable for your skin type. You should also not forget about age restrictions. To maintain the skin in perfect condition, it is recommended to visit the beauty parlor more often over time.

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One person can buy an unlimited number of coupons for himself or as a gift. The coupon is valid for the following services: Ultrasonic face cleansing: – 60% discount for 1 ultrasonic face cleaning procedure (800 rupees instead of 2000 rupees) – 64% discount for 2 ultrasonic face cleaning procedures (1440 rupees instead of 4000 rupees) – 68% discount for 3 ultrasonic face cleaning procedures (1920 rupees instead of 6000 rupees) Mechanical cleaning of the face: – 62% discount for 1 procedure of mechanical cleaning of the face (874 rupees instead of 2300 rupees) – 64% discount for 2 procedures of mechanical cleaning persons (1656 rupees instead of 4600 rupees)


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