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A walk on a motor ship can give a lot of impressions, bring a little variety to the usual course of life. A striking example of this can be the cruise, which will allow you to take an exciting walk along the city through River valley and the center of the capital.

The trip takes place on a comfortable double-deck motor ship. The route of the trip is laid next to numerous attractions. For two hours, the participants of the river voyage will be able to admire the historical buildings, religious buildings, monuments. Lunch or dinner on board will be a pleasant addition to your trip. The dedicated staff will invite guests to rejuvenate with a juicy beef or chicken burger, golden fries and a refreshing drink.

Cruise go through famous bridges and parks, temples and monuments, an abundance of impressions and picturesque landscapes, the opportunity to look at the city from a different angle, organize an interesting adventure for yourself, family, loved ones, friends or colleagues, meet with the city, have fun and have fun.

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You can submit the coupon electronically or in printed form.
One person can buy an unlimited number of coupons for himself or as a gift.
Mandatory pre-registration by phone.

The coupon is valid for the following services:

Cruise works on weekdays:
– 50% discount on cruise for children (650 rupees instead of 1300 rupees)
– 50% discount on cruise for adults (850 rupees instead of 1700 rupees)

Burger cruise on a motor ship on weekends:
– 50% discount on a cruise on weekends for children (1000 rupees instead of 2000 rupees)
– Discount 50 % on a cruise on a motor ship on weekends for adults (1500 rupees instead of 3000 rupees)

– main dish: juicy burger with 100% beef or chicken cutlet;
– side dish: French fries with tomato sauce;
– drink of your choice: carbonated drink Coca-Cola, Sprite or Fanta, water with or without gas (330 ml).

Additional benefits:
– free admission for children under 5;
– you can bring alcoholic beverages on board the ship (with a receipt from the store).

Departure times:
– from Monday to Friday: 11:15; 12:00; 13:45; 14:30; 16:15; 17:00; 18:45; 21:15;
– Saturday and Sunday: 11:00; 11:30; 13:30; 14:00; 16:30.

Other conditions:
– motor ships depart from 11:00 to 21:15 daily;
– boarding opens 15 minutes before the start of the cruise;
– the trip takes place throughout the center of Moscow on comfortable double-deck motor ships with dinner or lunch on board;
– the duration of the river walk is 2 hours;
– the child coupon is valid for children aged 6 to 12;
– it is prohibited to bring your own food on board the ship;
– the client is obliged to notify about the cancellation or postponement of the appointment at least 12 hours in advance.


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